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 1.Production management advantage: our factory located in China to teach the toy base - wenzhou, zhejiang province, its powerful production capacity, combined with the local integration of form a complete set of production capacity, to manufacture high quality toy products provide a strong guarantee. At the same time, we have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing factory, the core management team service time in more than 20 years in the industry.


2.Advantage of quality and safety: 20 years of experience and technology precipitation, our factory has perfect production and inspection management system. Institutionalized process design in the implementation of personnel for each working procedure, inspection, not only that, but we don't do authority will products sent to a third party laboratory testing on a regular basis, to ensure the absolute safety of product.


3.Price competitive advantage: we have professional toy manufacturing service ability at the same time, the product by its own factory production facilities, the decrease of the intermediate trade profits. And our modern factory realized high mechanization, automation production mode, a high level of production management system, perfect materials and semi-finished products supply system. To the improvement of production efficiency, thus effectively control costs, colleagues to provide clients with quality products, show the obvious advantage on the price.


4.Development advantage:keep up with international trends, and constantly develop beautiful, safe children's toys products, at the same time, with the school to work together to obtain the latest product design.


5.Service advantage: 24 hours service response; property owned factories can meet orders of production, warehousing; have import and export rights, provide goods declaration, booking service for you


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