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2016-07-18 18:45:26
Sanlian Plastics company to obtain the approval of China Customs, the official opening of the import and export business of international trade. From now on, we will use the name of “RUIAN SANLIAN PLASTICS CO.,LTD.” signed a plastic toys products trade contract and the payment of goods, which will facilitate transactions between customers and customers. China Construction Bank, Zhejiang branch Thank you for your support! Look forward to working with you for your cooperation!
2016-06-30 10:07:33
By Betty Ruian Sanlian Plastics Co.Ltd. covered child, or called naughty castle, the material is. LLDPE, PVC plastic, galvanized frame tube and the soft play and so on courtyard is designed according 'feature through the combined science to children to form an array of attractions, sports, education, health and other functions in a new generation of children's activity center. You can tell it's a new very large playground, children, is aimed at children, such as drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shake, swing, jump, shake Preparation and attention before running a courtyard Support funding: 1. Budget 2. Wait passenger flow period payback 3. Costs and Benefits; Capital
2016-05-29 11:10:33
The Playpen is an integral part of standard baby equipment. When you need to answer the phone, cook or do housework, you can put your baby in the fence for a while, but please use it carefully. The ideal arrangement is to put the baby in a safe room for children, the smaller the baby can be covered with a blanket on the floor, the larger baby can take care of the next move. A free exercise environment for your baby crawling up and very important. You can talk to your baby when you are doing the housework, and give him the freedom of the body. This provides an excellent learning environment for the children.
2016-05-13 14:13:22
sanlian plastics officially opened the new website, and enable the new brand LOGO! Version of the joint is given priority to English language. The web site in English language website url: English website ​url: www.sanlianplastic.com Alternate website ​url: www.cnslp.com Chinese website url: www.sanlianplastic.com/CH for public Email is still using the @sanlianplastic.com as the suffix.
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