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Baby care baby how to pick a safe of the game fence

The Playpen is an integral part of standard baby equipment. When you need to answer the phone, cook or do housework, you can put your baby in the fence for a while, but please use it carefully.
The ideal arrangement is to put the baby in a safe room for children, the smaller the baby can be covered with a blanket on the floor, the larger baby can take care of the next move. A free exercise environment for your baby crawling up and very important. You can talk to your baby when you are doing the housework, and give him the freedom of the body. This provides an excellent learning environment for the children.

Many families will find that the game fence soon became a big and unsafe toy store, occupy a lot of space. It is true that more than 3000 of the major injuries that require first aid occur every year. Security standards are not mandatory for the game fence, so the manufacturers are in line with the standard of their products on the label, in order to attract the attention of consumers.

Game fence type
There are two basic types:
1, wood
2, by the metal pipe and nylon net
Wooden fence mesh fence is usually heavy. Mention two bottom plates from the center, two pieces of hinged side inside, the fence was folded up. Mesh fence needs various folding operation, sometimes even the fence upside down.

Mesh fence in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the crib size rectangular pattern to larger square panel, a variety of design. Tubes used for supporting rails are usually chrome, chrome plated metal or aluminum. Some of the legs are straight, and the bottom is covered with a protective cover on the floor. Others are bending design, some of them with bare metal universal Festival, may bring to the ground wear and rust.

For most of the soft side of the playpen in the bottom of the net (anti pull) and fence tops using ethylene material with melting seal the seams, to cover the hinge device and a transverse rod. The more expensive the playpen with a thick foam pad between ethylene and bar, can prevent the baby fall.

If you decide to buy a game fence, consider the following.
Have the following characteristics:
1, can support the weight of 22.7 kilograms, but not broken or bent
2, with a locking device to prevent accidental collapse of the fence
3, side railings at least 50.8 cm high, in order to prevent the baby to climb out
4, have a locking device, to prevent accidents or reduce the side fence closed baby bar
5. Double action is required to open the side bar.
6, the hinge is not cut, cut or the possibility of extrusion

Ethylene material
Thorough examination of integrity:
1, there are ethylene material covered by the old and used fences are usually wrapped in the top of the railing with ethylene. If the tear, the baby will be swallowed, causing choking.
2, to ensure that the ethylene gasket. Hundreds of cases each year, hundreds of children bite down, swallow or inhale ethylene debris accident. Pinch ethylene materials are separated from the padding, thick vinyl is not easy to wrinkle, feel heavier; thin vinyl material easy to wrinkle, and not durable.
3, to ensure that the ethylene seam is sealed or sewn into. Seam to be smooth, weld seam should be stitched evenly smooth, in order to reduce the possibility of cracking. Machine stitched seams should not be produced by the side of the seam line, gap or hole.

Should have the following characteristics:
1, able to withstand the static weight of 36.3 kg
2, able to withstand the weight of 22.7 kg of bouncing without falling
3, no baby can open and swallow the metal nails or hard objects
4, there is no sharp bolt head, prevent the baby fell on the top of the padded side.
Make sure that there are no sharp edges, highlights, or tips. These objects can hurt the baby.
Wooden fence

The wooden fence is heavy and not easy to move, but less than the safety fence mesh. A wooden fence allows the baby to look better on the outside. It also has a back support and a bar, to help them stand up. And baby bed, baby's head hit the bar on the dangerous.
Note the following features:

1, the slab spacing not more than 6 cm (and the baby bed)
2, the wood surface polishing is good, there is no debris
3, four plastic protection shall be glued to prevent the baby's fingers down to
Mesh fence

To ensure that the mesh woven compact, not hooked clothes, otherwise it will cause suffocation. But the mesh woven closely enough means that the baby's vision is limited, the external world is blurred fence. Note that when the fence down, between the mesh and the mat to form a pouch. It can sometimes be fatal, it can cause suffocation. At the same time, the fence down, the locking device may cut or pinched the child's fingers.

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